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Advertisement for any product or business is essential to raise awareness across the population, but more importantly advertisement allows a business or product to create an image for itself. Advertisement allows the product or any given business to tell its story in a limited amount of time or space. In a print ad, what I have chosen to do, the advertisement has one shot to get the people’s attention and drawn them in within seconds. In my print ad Cross Fit Gym is being represented and advertised. Cross Fit Gym is a new revolutionary and highly intense gym beginning to spring up all over the United States, even internationally. Cross Fit Gym is a gym designed for high intensity work out while keeping in mind that people of all shapes, sizes, and health history come in. The image in the advertisement is simple and quick to understand. Four women run up hill carrying weights in their shoulders. With the types of faces they are making, exuding pain and strength, the eye quickly goes to the girl in the top front and middle of the photo. This woman is shaded lightest out of all of the women because he face paints the picture best about the activities that cross fit has designed for its customers. Those are intense, high performance, and strength based workouts. She is the brightest because the women’s fitness and physical build need to be examined as well in order to fully appreciate what this gym could do for someone. The for ground of the photo such as the crowd of onlookers and path are all shaded darker. Making the for ground darker funnels your vision towards the women right away. Not being able to distinguish everyone from the crowd the eye will look at something more comfortable to look at and that is the sharpest object in the photo and that is the women. Making the crowd darker was necessary rather than making that lighter because the path had to be

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