Advertisement Critique

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This Advertisement is trying to market the Salon Clip-In Hair extension product. The ad shows Jessica Simpson with long hair extensions with her stylist Ken Paves riding a motorcycle. On top of the advertisement page, there are also multiple pictures of her in different kind of hair extension styles. This Advertisement is trying to convince the young females to buy hairdo Salon Clip-In Hair extensions. This advertisement used Jessica Simpson and her stylist Ken Pave as the spokesmen for the ad, while they are on the motorcycle; their expression on their face seems like their having a lot of fun because the hair extensions were so easy to put on with out any hassle. The catchphrase “Just Clip them in and GO!” really adds excitement to the advertisement. The advertisement is screaming to the readers “no hassle no hassle” and that the clip-in extensions will not waste anytime. The advertisement is also trying to promote to the targeted audiences that they will never have a bad hair day thanks to the Salon Clip-In Hair extension. You can also experiment with short or long styles with this product. Their main audience would be women with short hair. It is logical to have hair extension if you do not have long hair. I think this ad is effective because there are some factors in the ad I found important. This ad is also very noticeable because it is bright; the colors seem to catch the eyes of many audiences. The ad just seems to give the audience a sense of fun times. Some girls believed that if a celebrity is using the product, it might actually work for them. Everyone wants to get the hottest celebrity hair trends with salon clip-in hair extensions. The advertisement seems to contain the three kind of rhetoric in its ad. The first rhetoric is ethos; we tend to believe people whom we trust. Jessica Simpson is a celebrity, she is very likable and worthy of respect
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