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Advertisement Anlysis Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Professor Daniel

2014 Dodge Durango

Dodge has a horsepower commercial explaining their special vehicle.   What the vehicle company, dodge, is trying to advertise dodges vehicle the Durango to the public by using a famous person, Will Ferrell.   To completely change what people think about the Durango they introduced a horse for comparison.   Over all they want you to buy a Dodge Durango because it’s 360 times better than a horse.
The Dodge Durango is a SUV that has an option of getting a motor 360 horsepower.   They are trying to pull you into buying the vehicle that is aiming for the people who have a family, and still want a vehicle that can fit everyone and still have some power to have fun.   The 360 horsepower is only for the v8 engine.   You can get a v6 but they want you to spend more money on a v8 so that they can earn more money.   They think if they can convince you to buying a Durango you will get an unstoppable vehicle that cant be beat.   They want all car enthusiasts to be astonished by the new look and features of the Durango and most of all the power that it can deliver.  
Why compare it to a horse?   They just want you to see how much power you can get.   Not only they want you to notice but all the people that ride horses.   They are using the aspect that one horsepower in a car is equal to one horse so they want you to see if you had 360 horse that they would math up to the Durango.   Dodge wanted to make the horse look like some old out of date car and this is better.   The horse is a representation of how boring and weak one horse is compare to 360.   Dodge wants to compare the Durango to a horse because of how 1 horse is useless and the Durango is the way to go.
Last is Will Ferrell being used?   They wanted to use a celebrity because most people buy products because if they see celebrities have it or use it that is making them think its is the best and nothing is better.   He is coming up in a movie “Anchorman 2,” which Will...

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