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Olivia Regina Mrs. Forbes Course: CRWT 102-12 September 21, 2014 Journal Analysis of Guess Magazine Advertisement The advertisement I chose to discuss in my essay comes from a Guess magazine. Guess was established in 1981 and has always been well known for their slim-fitting denim jeans. I found this magazine while looking through my mail one day after school. This advertisement stood out among all the other magazines in my mail because of its high-fashion editorial composition. I believe this advertisement’s target market consists of people in the generation Y group. Generation Y consists of people born in the 1980s and 1990s, therefore placing them in their early teens to their late twenties. When looking at this advertisement there is a strong emotional appeal. The image of young couple embraced in each arms evokes a strong sense of desire, lust, and tenderness. Therefore, I believe this advertisement appeals to the consumer’s need for affiliation and need for sex. Due to the advertiser’s use of emotional appeals though a positive visual image, the audience can identify with the models in the advertisement. When I first saw this advertisement the color scheme stood out the most because the whole image was done in grayscale. The various shades from white to black give the advertisement an old fashion Hollywood glam aspect. This color scheme adds to the advertiser’s emotional appeal because it gives the advertisement another dimension. In fact, the black and white color scheme gives the image a certain sexy edge and appeals to the consumers’ need for sex. The background of the image is a sign or a stage-set and in the foreground of the image the young couple are close together. Both the male and female model are dressed in all denim which happens to be Guess’s signature look. The male model is covered in denim head to toe. He is wearing a

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