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This Ad, words kill, shows a photo of a teenager and a hand holding his throat. On the right side of the ad is a text "Your words have power, use them wisely." The boy is crying because he feels the pain from the choking which this hand is causing to him. The hand is an imaginary hand made out of bad words and negative criticism phrases either directly or indirectly hurtful to the teenager's personality. The words said by adults to teenagers can be either directly or indirectly hurtful to the kid. This advertisement persuades the audience by appealing their emotions. The kid is crying because the pain he feels from the imaginary hand making a choking on his throat. It feels bad when knowing that uncontrollable words by adults caused the child to be hurt, and that is the main goal of the advertisement which is using the words in a very cautious and wise way. The intended audience for this advertisement is adults in general and parents in particular. Since the parents may sometimes use very strong words when talking to their children, that could hurt those children and negatively affect their personalities and spirits in many ways. The author of the advertisement is a group who make blogs in the internet. The group tries to resolve some of the problems caused to the child such as depression and especially if it is left untreated. These problems of depression could lead to a bigger problems such drug abuse, alcohol abuse or even irreversible tragedy such as homicidal violence or suicide. I think it is very effective as an advertisement and emotions touching. It should minimize or stop the act of saying bad and harmful words to kids and teenagers who may understand nothing but the negative side since it is very strong even if it is not true. This will have a great effect on the teenagers in the future. They will have no respect for themselves or for the others. They

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