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Janisaa P. Sanders Emerson English 201A 5th March 2014 Advertisement Analysis 1. Volkswagen print ad compares the difficulty of parallel parking to how tough it would be for a spiky hedgehog to squeeze between two goldfish in vulnerable plastic bags. The ad points out that with the help of Volkswagen Park Assist, complicated parallel parking situations can now be easily dealt with. 2. Volkswagen is a multi billion-dollar company. This advertiser has a good reputation since its Europe’s leading car seller. Being a well-known automobile company it does have a recognizable name for this product since it’s a company that produces cars. The product is advertised globally, targeting audiences who are able to drive and/or/maybe people who cant park properly. The advertisement considers the audience because it gives an easy and clear-cut explanation on their product. Volkswagen have used precise words to draw the attention of the audience by using key words like “Precision” to give off a more accurate vibe when parking. 3. Although it doesn’t show clear evidence of the product being effective, it does imitate the difficulty of parallel parking. One of the flaws of the ad is that it does not show any facts, statistics or examples. The strength about this ad is it explains how accurate the parking system is but a major weakness would be that it doesn’t not show any evidence of the actual product. Volkswagen could have used real life evidence against simulated evidence to make this ad more convincing. 4. The ad does show to be illogical since it uses animals to portray a human’s task. The ad seems to have the ability to persuade the buyer into buying their products, especially people who aren't that good at parking because it will help and make their lives easier. The ad might stretch the truth since parking even with the parking assistant

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