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Advertisement Analysis Magazine advertisements have to attract the eyes of magazine readers who are flipping through the pages. Advertisements need to stand out, connect with the reader, and convince the person that there argument is valid and is worth believing in or purchasing. The Nike advertisement certainly pulls in the reader and makes them wants to study and analyze the advertisement. Nike has developed many eye-popping ads and they have created an almost cult like following of the Nike brand. This is an amazing feat considering that many of their items are overpriced. This ad along with many of their other advertisements is very successful, because they use complex shading and bright exuberant colors. Many emotions are derived from this picture. Emotions such as joy, hatred, humor, and possibly arousal are all drawn out from this one picture. Nike’s advertisement tempers with emotions to play in their favor to make the advertisement successful. Michael Jordan is an iconic figure that has been plastered onto the Nike logo and is known for introducing an amazing and unseen playing style. Nike has tried their hardest to insure that Jordan is related to their logo to allow his success on the court to transfer to the Nike brands success. In this advertisement he is not just standing there, he is doing a signature dunk at a different angle that the viewer may have never seen before. This dunk was relatively new to the public, and showed an amazing feat that viewers have never seen before. This dunk also showed people that have little knowledge about basketball or Michael Jordan something that initially is very surprising and shocking. Even for a person that has never seen anyone play basketball has to be amazed at what he is doing. Very similarly when someone has never seen soccer sees an amazing soccer play on Sportscenter it catches the eye. This is

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