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Silas Robinson 9/13/2011 CWS Advertisement Analysis Bridgestone Tires’ Advertisement The field of advertising is very difficult; to be successful, one needs to be well equipped in the fields of business, mathematics, psychology, sociology, and simply know how to use people’s perspectives to sell a product. The point of an advertisement is to draw the attention of the reader, as well as anyone who might stumble upon it. This Bridgestone Tire advertisement uses text as well as photography to win the audience over. Although some of the tactics used seem manipulative, the advertisement gets its job done. Advertisements use manipulative tactics to invite as many people into the ad as possible. This advertisement was taken from the back page of Car and Driver Magazine. This is a magazine that is read by over 1.31 million people. The target audience is the same as the intended audience. White males aged 14-80 are who would normally read these magazines. Because of this, the advertisement is fit to draw in these types of people. In the advertisement about Bridgestone tires, they try to relate to the reader by using everyday items. The advertisement depicts a pick-up truck overlooking the Grand Canyon. Men who now read this advertisement and own pick-up trucks will now feel as if they, too, can take on the Grand Canyon, as long as they buy Bridgestone tires. This truck also reinforces the idea that normal people can do extra-ordinary things. People, especially Americans, love this idea; it is the basis of the American dream. The idea that anyone can be extremely successful is why people immigrate from different countries and some people devote their lives to their work. This is the same reason Justin Beiber is such a hit with teenage girls. Justin could have been the guy they sat next to in geography class, and now he’s the next star. This translates

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