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Advertisement Analysis In today’s world, advertisements and sex are everywhere. While the amount of sex people are having goes up, so does the importance of making it safe. Trojan and Durex are two condom companies that help make that possible. The two are leading condom brands and without a doubt compete for business. The audience for these commercials would likely be anyone who is old enough to have sex. Some may ask, “Who is to decide what that age might be?” Although this is a question that has started to be asked more often throughout the past few years, that is a whole different topic. That being said, these commercials could be taken into consideration by a very vast age group. Trojan’s commercial is more effective at grabbing this audience’s attention because they keep things interesting and display a wider range of people in the short 30 seconds they had to work with. The first think that sets Trojans commercial advertising their new “charged” condoms from the Durex “Fruit flavored” condoms is how Trojan starts the clip off. The first thing you hear while watching the commercial is what sounds like a big strong man say “Trojan Man.” This instantly grabs the viewers attention because Trojan is such a well known brand and there is no doubt the target audience will know exactly what the commercial is about right from the start so they will stay put and watch. Durex on the other hand starts out with very little action. It begins with music that sounds like it is straight out of an elevator and the sound of a bug flying around. Trojan as opposed to Durex also uses text in their advertisement. This helps captivate the view and keep them zeroed in on what the product is for and what it does. Durex only uses text at the end of their commercial and by that time it may be too late! The boringness of the ad can cause a viewer who is not fully

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