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CONTEXT- This advert is taken from a men's magazine named "GO". This advert is mainly aimed at the male population and this is proved by two facts; first one being the magazine itself is for males, and the second one is the main two characters in this advert being two males brings us to a conclusion that this advert is mainly aimed at males. This advertisement shows us a father (the man on the right who is looking matured, who is wearing the advertised watch) helping out his son (the boy on the right hand side) with some homework or some piece of paper work. This is proved with the boys and his father's eye contact directly to the book on the table which the son is working on. This shows us the bond of father and son relationship which is passed through generations which smartly hits our mind the idea of the main theme of this watch which is, the watch being passed for generations which is important and un-valuable like education which the father is helping out the son in this advertisement, making the importance of buying this watch a family tradition.. FRAMING- This photo is also a close-up image and the background is blurred to draw more attention to the figures and the idea they are trying to communicate which I have explained in the context which is the relationship between the boy and the man and to draw more attention on the watch in the middle which is the main point of the whole advertisement. BODY LANGUAGE & FACIAL EXPRESSIONS- Both the man and the boy is resting their hands on the head in a similar way and they are very close to each other proving us that it is just not a boy and a man, but a son and a father with the same characteristics. And also the father seems tired after returning from work (which is shown by the formal dress) or in the morning ready to leave home for office because the son is also in a dressed for school type,

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