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Justin Washburn Stewart English 1301. 6. 14 February 2012 Visual Image Analysis Flipping through the pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine, one might accuse the magazine of bombarding the reader with advertisements rather than the desired “gossip” articles. The typical bubbly and fashionable young adult schoolgirl would pick up the latest edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine in hopes of discovering articles providing advice and tips for the everyday teenage lifestyle. Advertisements of perfumes, lotions, clothing accessories, and even alcohol fill practically every other page of the magazine. One in particular might be the comical and lively Pinnacle Whipped Vodka ad, promoting itself as the best imitation to whipped cream in the beverage industry. Split between three separate and clashing pictures, this ad provides a humorous declaration of every girl’s desire, leading only to the pictures below of a vibrant blue bottle of the vodka and mounds of whipped cream. At the top of the full sheet advertisement, a curious reader would first direct eye sight to the scene covering half of the entire page. A vibrantly colored living area in a typical American house, inhabited by a young dating couple, is the setting to the witty scenario taking place. A young slender black man, wearing only pants and fitting baby blue shirt, unexcitedly takes command of a vacuum and subtly wears an expression of embarrassment and humiliation. A young Chinese woman, who we understand as the man’s partner, sits in a relaxed and egotistical stance on the couch in the distance utilizing a laptop. Wearing nothing but a black tank top and shorts, the woman sits full of pride as she is reminded that the man in the relationship is contradicting an American standard as he completes what is considered a “woman’s job”. The focal point of the entire scene is immediately directed to a bold blue statement,

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