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Visual Argument Out of all the advertisements I have seen, none of them have caught my eye like the Sisley fashion junkie. The advertisement immediately caught my attention, because I thought that they were showing two girls doing drugs. It is very misleading at first, since it shows two girls with straw like material in their nose and hands. It also shows one of the girls looking up and seeming to be under the influence, while the other one is supposedly snorting cocaine. It is only when I actually looked at the detail of the advertisement when I realized it was not drugs, just a shirt. This advertisement is an example of a good visual argument because it makes the person looking at it second guess themselves. The first impression of this advertisement is that I thought it was a message against drugs. It shows two girls looking like they are snorting cocaine, and I thought that it would be a message to not do drugs. I continued to think that since one of the girls did not look very good, it would say drugs diminish physical appearances. The advertisement did an excellent job of getting my attention, which is ultimately their main goal. By getting my attention, I began to look at the specifics of the advertisement to see what exactly they were trying to sell. With my first impression of this advertisement, it lacked logos because it was not clear exactly what the message was portraying. It also lacked ethos, because since I thought they were doing drugs I did not believe ethically that it was the best choice. In the end they got my attention and if I was a girl I probably would have looked more into their product. The second impression that I got from the advertisement is that it was a creative way to get someone’s attention to look at their product. Out of all the other advertisements this one caught my eye because of the way they used the imagery of using

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