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Hello everyone. Children of god. One of the 7 deadly sins in religion is that of greed, and unfortunately, many individuals succumb to this terrible sin, and in the past few days there has been an event which has instigated this sin for two individuals, Elisenda and Pelayo. They have found a peculiar organism, an old man, seemingly normal at first glance, however carrying a pair of dirty, rough wings on his back. At first they were confused about what this thing was, and what exactly to do with it, but they soon realised that they could take advantage of this innocent creature. I personally went to their home, alarmed by the strange news, to find out what was actually behind this old man with the strange wings. They had described it as an angel, but, after taking one look at the old, rotting body, I was certain that it was not. The creature did not understand the language of God, nor did he know how to greet his ministers. He was much too human to be even considered to be inhuman. However, these greedy individuals are taking advantage of a poor soul, for the sake of making money. Unfortunately, some oblivious people cannot read between the lines and have paid a sum of money to go and admire this ‘angel’. This is a message from me confirming that it is, in fact, not an angel, and it is my duty to speak to you for your benefit, telling you not to visit their home. Just because this living thing has wings, it does not mean it is an angel. The devil has wings. The devil uses carnival tricks in order to confuse the masses. I want you to be stronger than that. Always remember the seven deadly sins, your life will be better without them. God be with

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