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Modern advertisement is a skilfull way of blowing one’s own trumpet . To speak highlyh of one’s good has been raised to the level of the dignity of fine art . The most successful businessman is he who knows the secret of effective advertisement . The real worth of an article is of little importance ; what matters is the way in which public attention is drawn towards it . Men do not take part with their money easily , but the clever advertiser can draw it out of pocket of event the most cautions and miserly customers . Manifold are the means by which advertisement are broadcast . The press is the most efficient and penetrating medium of advertisement as it can reach the biggest market . Among other media of advertisement may be mentioned in the radio, cinema ,the television, showcards and electric flashlights , etc. Newer and newer devices are being adopted everyday for the purpose of advertisement . There is a great need to advertise one’s goods . In an aged of commercial competetion , goods cannot be sold without proper advertisement . If properly done , adversiment can help the public in choosing and buying the best in the market . As we advance, we make new discoveries and inventions . We bring out devices for good comfortable living and we should tell the public what they are . Advertisement plays a very important part in this respect . They bring profit to the producers and they offer a wide choice for the public . Without advertisement our trade and commerce will never flourish . But every good thing becomes bad when abused . So it is with advertisements . Today, advertisements have multiplied to bewildering extent . As we open our newspapers , we find page after page of several advertisement . The danger here is that the people are misled by dishonest people who push up sales of useless things . People think that whatever comes in print is true . They

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