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The advertisement I have chosen to critic was created by Adidas. As the advertisement shows and you can see on the top of the page Adidas attended audience are clearly for individuals who love to work out for instance, personal trainers, athletes of different levels, your daily joggers and so one so forth. Adidas also aims and said to help athletes perform at their highest level, and make innovative products modeled on the athlete's needs. But to draw your attention back to the photo the athletic model has this fiery look in his eyes show determination to carry two heavy tires also give its audience the motivation and drive their looking for. So it shows that Adidas understands this tactics to appeal to the everyday consumer. Even the short quotes that Adidas chosen will be appealing to the everyday consumer “Bring It On” as you see in the ad. Can be a big motivational factor to convince them to take self-challenges also to buy the product on hand. Not only are they selling you their product, but their selling you motivation and dive. This ad can show the audience their product is tough and durable and will be worthy enough to purchase. I appreciate ads like this because they convince me; not only to buy the product. But when I take a glance at the ads I want to bring it on and have the same ambition so you can say. I do in fact own a few pairs of Adidas I mostly used them to work out which I love to work out at less when I can. I definitely will recommend this to anyone who likes to be active also for those who like to be comfortable if you’re standing all day. Also my mom loves Adidas and doesn’t work out, but she’s one who falls in the standing all day at work

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