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Advertisement is almost everywhere you look, they are on tv, billboards, newspaper and all kind of mass media. They want the people to remember their product whenever they go to buy something and have their advertisement in the back of their head. We see advertisement everyday of our life, trying to sell their product or to inform us about important information. No matter how we look at it, advertisement will try to persuade the consumers the way they want to. Advertisements are mostly about economic interest but however they play a key roll in society by informing and teaching bauble information. Advertisement can pull people into their traps and make them but their products. The best example about persuade people are cigarette companies. “Cigarette advertiser …. [are] targeting every conceivable niche and developing an impressive array of advertising and promotional tools to reach them.” (Source B) They are influencing the teen population, and showing them how cool it is to smoke and have famous people smoke in their advertisement which sends a wrong message to them. Every cigarette a person smokes its cutting your life expectancy in half. They use the advertisement to get young people started on it and then they get addicted to it. Visual rhetoric can offered your opinion very easily. The Ad’s are almost everywhere and sometimes they are there for the common good. “Advertising most basic form is teaching.” (Source C) It informs the consumer what kinds of product are out there in the market and how much they cost. These Advertisements save people time, where they have all their sales in a newspaper or on the internet, and don’t have to go to every store. “Advertising isn’t all bad, by paying for advertising space; companies find most of what in magazine and books.” (Sources D) This is true, because it helps magazine financial support themselves and stay in

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