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You wake up to the agitating sound of your alarm. Forcefully, you get ready to start the day you wish was over. Then you make your way downstairs to drink your coffee in hope that it will help you get through the day. Then walking in the door and having your first thought be “I can’t wait till this is over.” This is the way most people feel about having to go work at a job they absolutely hate. The makers of the website Jobsintown do a perfect representation of how we feel about having jobs we wish we didn’t. They create an ad that is humorous, as well as brutally honest, by capturing how people truly feel about their jobs. In one of their advertisements there is a child riding a kiddie ride in the mall while his mom watches him. This seems like a perfectly normal situation. However, when you look beneath the ride you see a man in a confined space operating the ride. The man is on his back pedaling a set of pulleys to make the ride move. While doing this he is ringing bells and honking horns to try and make the noises that kiddie rides make. You can see how unhappy he is and how tired he is from his facial expression, his sweat, and the water bottle by his side. Although this is an extreme exaggeration of how people have jobs they don’t like, it’s the exaggeration which really engages you into the advertisement. The outlay of this advertisement is mature, witty, and personal. This advertisement is intended for adults. If a child were to look at this advertisement, they would be more interested in the kiddie ride instead of the actual message the advertisement it trying to portray. It takes personal experience to understand what this advertisement is trying to say. Through the course of our lifetime we go through many career changes. Many factors go into the reasoning behind changing a career. One of the most frequent reasons is due to unhappiness within your

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