Adversity Essay

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‘An individual needs a mixture of inner strength and outside help to cope with hardship.’ ‘One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.’ Albert Schweitzer. Hardship and adversities are difficult to overcome, it requires great strength and resilience. People who are facing adversities, they are the only person who can fix it, but having someone there to help, makes the job easier. Although some people don’t want any help, many people don’t want to face adversity alone. They need the help and support of others to pull them through the situation. People face adversities in many ways and sometimes it is hard and you only realise how you deal with it once it happens to you. The help of other helps so much, and there are any ways that someone can help. One way is just being there for you and another could be helping you out physically or even financially. Some people don’t even want help from others, but that is only for certain situations. Mostly you do need other peoples help but first you need to fight it yourself. People face adversity in different ways. Many people are better at dealing with them than others. Most of the time your own resilience plays a big role as to whether you overcome the adversity quickly. It can even help you to cope if it has a lifelong effect on you. Chrissy Steltz is an example. When she was just 16 years old her face was blown off with a shot gun. She could no longer see and also had a missive hole in the middle of her head. While she was in the hospital she told herself that she wasn’t going to have a ‘pity party’. She just wanted to get on with her life, and she did. Thanks to her amazing resilience she is now happily married to a blind man. They also have a child together. She still has to face the adversity every day, but because of her inner strength she can overcome

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