Adversity Essay

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Adversity is more than just a term used to describe hardships and trials life throws at you; it is a life long journey. The Roman poet Horace stated that some adversity can lead people on the path of greatness; however, it can be rocky along the way. When these problems arise, individuals are given options on how to handle them. In this sense, true character and nature is revealed leading to a new understanding of the capability of human nature and the ability to overcome adversities. A journey worth a thousand miles starts with a single step. Sometimes the bad things in life put us directly on the path to break down the wall that the adversity created. At age two, Helen Keller contracted an illness that left her blind, deaf, unable to speak, and was considered backwards of intelligence. She was suddenly shut off from the world, but against overwhelming odds, waged a slow, but successful battle to reenter that same world. Helen chose to overcome the power of adversity by letting her situation shape her character in a positive way, rather than a negative. Without turmoil and hardships, true character cannot be identified. “Anyone can stand adversity but to test a person's character, give them power.” -- Abraham Lincoln. In times, where one finds themselves buried beneath the chambers of adversity, it is only, the power of their decisions which serve as the last glimmer of hope salvageable. Nevertheless, aside from learning from adversity, the flip side is always there. If a girl was raised with parents who split up, it could lead her to cover her pain through such things as drugs, alcohol, and she is more likely to put herself in a relationship that is not healthy. Therefore, a choice has to be made. She can become bitter or she can choose to become better. When adversity knocks on someone’s door, they get the choice of how they respond. Chances

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