Adversity Essay

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Adversity brings out both the best and worst in us. It depends on the person and what they go through. Some people turn into heroes when disaster happens and others dont. Others sit helplessly waiting for help. Adversity tests the capabilities of a person. Adversity is part of life. There are usually three different behaviours that people display in a crisis. Firstly, they do nothing, they freeze and become paralysed into inaction. Secondly, they do the opposite of reasonable behaviour. Lastly they do whatever it takes to escape the crisis, which only accounts for 3% of the people. This is why there are more followers than leaders. You want a leader that will act appropriately, not freeze or make the situation worse These people also work for emotional adversity as well as physical. When confronted with a personal or family crisis we either do nothing, go back into the situation that is causing the problem or we act and solve the problem by any means. Many people say that adversity brings out the best in people. That is not true. Adversity brings out what's inside; in some cases that is good that no one realised was there, but in other cases its bad. adversity is in contrast, a reflection of who we truly are. It doesn’t take adversity to bring out the best in people, but it seems to take adversity for most of us to notice the best in people. Adversity often brings out the worst in people too. It could be in their approach to life, which is to accept challenges or avoid them. Adversity is on the outside of a

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