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Adversity is a state of wretchedness and misfortune created by financial, political dangers, or unfortunate hardships, but how does adversity play a role in an individual’s life? According to the Roman poet, Horace, adversity brings out or “elicits” talents that may have not been created if it were not for adversity. This misfortune and difficult time in an individual’s life does play a large role in the establishment of talent and accomplishments, defending Horace’s point. In the novel Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë, the protagonist and narrator of the novel, Jane Eyre, experiences this outcome through the hardships of her life. Jane, a young orphan, grows and develops in Gateshead Hall, where her aunt and cousins live. Her aunt treats her with extreme hate, isolating her from the world in a nursery. She is then sent to live in an institute of learning for “charity children.” This location is not at all suited for young, developing women like Jane. Through these awful and humiliating experienced, Jane gains the knowledge of how not to treat a child. What came out of her adversity is her teaching ability. Jane used the lessons learned from her misfortune of her previous circumstanced to teach others at Lowood and eventually a young girl at Thornfield. Bethany Hamilton became an international sensation when she lost her arm and nearly lost her life in a shark attack while surfing off the coast of Hawaii. Despite the attack, Hamilton, 19 years old, has proved she can still compete with the best of them right back in the water one month later. The Kauai native has become known for her courage, positive attitude and fierce competitive spirit. "To me, it's like never getting in a car because you're afraid of a collision. Not surfing doesn't work for me," Hamilton stated. Through the adversity in her life, Hamilton touched a large number of

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