Adversities of Migration

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Adversities of Migration This research assignment will discuss the adjustment problems facing new immigrants to Canada in coherent with “Prairie Widow”, written by Paul Yee. The author is a third generation Chinese-Canadian born in Spalding, Saskatchewan in 1956. He attended University of British Columbia where he received his B.A. and M.A. in history. Paul Yee has contributed significantly to literature, for which he has won many awards, including the Governor General’s Award in 1996. He hopes to pave a smooth path for future immigrants from China in Canada and The United States of America. The essay, “Prairie Widow”, is about a newcomer to Canada, Gum-may Yee, whose husband has recently passed away. Due to the lack of communication skills and being a social outcast, she is faced with a hard decision if she should relocate to Vancouver to be with fellow Chinese immigrants or to continue to run her late husband’s coffee shop. Paul Yee vividly portrays her social surroundings and how difficult life is for immigrants via series of flashbacks in the life of the protagonist. Even tough the times have changed since the 1950s; adjustment for new immigrants is just as excruciating. If I was to describe Canada in one sentence, it would be ‘open land of opportunity for newcomers’. The foundation of this great nation was built by immigrants. It is a land that is open to nearly everything; its inhabitants are embraced to practice their own culture, religion and traditions. The system here is made for newcomers to adjust their lifestyle with the Canadian way with the help of multi-culturism and government funded organizations. As established Canadians, it seems to be very easy for migrant to settle down here, but from a new immigrant’s point of view, that idea is nothing more than just a simple idea. The new immigrants face hardship just to fit-in, even within their
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