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Adverse Trend and Data Management Dawn Harvey Nur 482 March 9, 2015 Diane Delucia Adverse Trend and Data Management Patient safety is defined as the prevention of harm to patients in the health care practice that reduces the risk of adverse events related to medical care received across a wide range of diagnoses and conditions (Marin, 2004). Medication administration is a common trend that causes harm to patients. This paper will consider this trend, the data collection needed, why, and how it affects the adverse trend. Technology used, along with, the legal and ethical issues related to this adverse trend will be discussed. Awareness The adverse trend of medication administration has always been an important topic in health care. However, as more patients started using transdermal drug therapy, it became a new priority that needed to be addressed. Many of the patients in the pre-operative department fail to mention the use of medication patches. With this popularity, “healthcare facilities need to ensure that these patches are identified during the medication reconciliation process” (Match the Patch: Remembering Medication Patches, 2015). The lack of communication, between patient and health care provider, can cause serious adverse effects for our patients. This trend needs to be investigated to develop a system that addresses the issue. Data collection Data collection methods that could be used to decrease the event of medication errors would be automated drug dispensers, e-prescribing, Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Electronic Health Record (EHR), and barcode scanning (see appendix). Using technology that is interrelated can pick up on the discrepancies. The EHR needs to be designed to prompt user to ask questions about medication patch usage. This process needs to be performed with all patients at every visit. The

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