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Memo To: Teacher From: Pupil Re: Scott Harvin’s claim under Adverse Possession Wa. Code 1975 sec 6-5-200. STATEMENT OF THE FACTS: Mr. Harvin inherited property from his grandfather in 1992. Mr. Harvin visited the property in the fall of 1992 but moved to Texas not long after his visit. He did not visit his property in Washington from 1993 till August of 2011. Doctors and Nurses Who Help (hereinafter called DNWH) has owned a five-acre parcel that is just north of Mr. Harvin’s Property since 1989. DNWH uses its own property for the summer camps for children who suffer from serious illness and disabilities. DNWH has been using Mr. Harvin’s land for campouts and recreation for the children. DNWH has maintained Mr. Harvin’s campsites, fire areas, outhouses, and a dock on a pond. During the summer of 1994, DNWC posted a “No Trespassing” sign on the dock and the sign is still there. Generally the children stay in cabins on DNWH’s property, however DNWH has been using Mr. Harvin’s land for campouts. These campouts occur four or five nights a week for eight weeks each summer. In February of 1994, Mr. Havin received a letter from DNWH asking whether it could continue using his land for campouts. Mr. Harvin did not respond to the letter due to the busy schedule of his other business affairs. In August of 2012, Mr. Harvin visited his property with the intent of camping out. He discovered that DNWC was using his land. Mr. Harvin went to the camp’s headquarters to talk to the director, Mr. Linds. Mr. Linds told Mr. Harvin that it was his understanding that the property belonged to DNWC. Mr. Harvin did camp on the land during his visit and was not asked to leave by DNWC. ISSUE: Doctors and Nurses Who Help (DNWH) claim must satisfy the criteria of Wa. Code 1975 § 6-5-200 to achieve adverse possession of Michael Harvin’s land. CONCLUSION: (DNWH)

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