Adverse Effect of Labour Union

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1 Labor union cannot ensure that benefit of all workers or their members because some reasons, like internal corruption and racial discrimination. Sometimes the labor union only benefit of the manager or a small number of people. Labor unions, especially for the big labor unions, the composition of the members are very complex. Everyone has their own interests, and sometimes even they are the represents of groups of people’s interests. Like some union leaders started out as sincere and honest people, but in order to their own benefits, the more the union leaders turned to feathering their own nests. In order to their own interests exploitation workers. So many labor unions became deeply corrupt. For example, in the early 1950s, Johnny Dio gained control of several local unions in New York. He went to garment industry employers and offered them contracts that gave workers the minimum wage in exchange for bribes paid directly to Johnny. The companies were protected from organizing efforts of other unions, but workers were locked into lousy wages by their own union. Corruption hurt union members directly and dragged the image of organized labor into the gutter. And due to the fact that minorities tend to be disproportionately represented in unions, the growth of unions can also lead to higher levels of disparity in income. Unions not only lead to higher average wages among their employees, but they also contribute to higher levels of unemployment among those who are not members. Thus, unions can lead to lower average wages and lower rates of employment among minorities in affected sectors. 2 Since the main purpose of any business is to get more profit, companies which support Labor unions will suffer with it, and in our 2nd argument we are objecting to labor unions, loss in business value it causes. In this argument I want to expound adverse effects of labor
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