Adverse Conditions: Patient-Centered Care With Dec Essay

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ead the following clinical situation and follow the directions below. ____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ You are the admission RN at a long term care facility. Today you admitted Mrs. Marie St. Jacques, who is a 90 year old Haitian woman. She had been living with her eldest daughter, Angelica, is a retired nurse who had multiple back surgeries in last few years. Mrs. St. Jacques has been getting weaker in the last year until now she only gets out of bed with the assist of 2 people and even then she becomes anxious and short of breath. Her doctor discovered possible tumors on abdominal and chest x-rays. Angelica and the doctor talked to the client and they agreed not to do any further testing and no treatment because does not have any symptoms except fatigue and dyspnea with exertion. Mrs. St. Jacques speaks broken English but it has been harder for her to remember words. In fact, Angelica says that even in Creole she has had periods of confusion and forgetfulness. Last week she woke up from a nap and thought that Angelica was her grandmother. She expresses concern because there are only 2 staff members in the entire agency that speak Creole. The admission is routine and the client signs a Do Not Resuscitate form for the nursing home. There is no health care proxy but Angelica has been “signing for her mother for years”. There are 2 daughters in Haiti and her eldest son Guy lives in Brooklyn, NY, but only visits 2 or 3 times a year. It is now 3:30pm Angelica leaves to pick up her granddaughter at school. Guy arrives from Brooklyn, NY and asks about his mother. He asks to review all the paper work that his mother signed. All of a sudden you hear him speaking in a loud voice to his mother in Creole. Marie is in tears and looks confused. Guy says, “I told Angelica not to

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