Adventure Tourism Proposal Essay

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Adventure Tourism Proposal Adventure tourism is an activity that takes place in an unusual, exotic, and remote or wilderness setting, sometimes possibly hostile areas. This extreme type of tourism is increasingly growing everyday as people are getting more interested in having challenging experiences, and a little ‘danger’ in their life. Physical activity, cultural exchange with engagement of nature allows people to step out of their comfort zone, and do an activity that involves some degree of risk. In this research paper we want to educate and analyze different aspects of adventure tourism. It will recognize this particular type of tourism into two categories which is ‘hard’ or ‘soft’. Hard is explained as the more dangerous side of adventure tourism, while soft would be more family friendly and not such a risk to yourself or others. We would also like to identify the rapidly growing areas of adventure tourism around the world and specifically in British Columbia. The business of adventure tourism is another main concept portrayed in this report. It will show how the business aspect is an important factor as well. Unlike other tourism business’s, adventure tourism will rely heavily on the specialists interest, experience, and skills. Part of the business aspect of adventure tourism will be based on employment and legal requirements that consist of the safety of the clients, waivers, insurance and protection. Health and safety of employees and clients is crucial to the business of adventure tourism. Many measures are taken to ensure proper training, education, orientation, and supervision. The group members consist of Nicolle Merasty, Sharon Gurdial-Singh, and Ryan Pigot, with Ryan being our group leader. We hope to present this report in as much detail as possible so everyone can be fully knowledgeable about adventure tourism and what it has to offer.

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