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As daybreak approached three lifelong friends ventured out into the valleys of the Himalayan Mountains. Henry, George, and Isaac had had grown up together attending the same schools and competing in many of the same sports on the same teams. They had grown so close to each other to be known as brothers and thought it was time to get away from the busy atmosphere of the city life. The three were in search of a treasure; a treasure so great no one had since ventured to claim it. The day had begun with a steep climb through the thick forest surrounding them. The map they had obtained for the journey was aged and faded, barely legible, but the only known map of the treasure. Obstacles stalled the three throughout their trek. The first, a fierce storm sent down by the gods, nearly swept away Isaac as a mountain of water roared down the mountain. With miraculous determination, George, Henry, and Isaac prevailed through the storm only to disappoint the gods even more. The gods then created the most evil, destructive force to protect their forbidden treasure. All hell was let loose, every creature in the area turned against the three friends; a storm even greater than the first swept over the mountain. Hail stormed from the skies, lightning lit up the night. To defend this power, Henry, George, and Isaac used the rain to their advantage, while they knew this would wash away their scent. The three huddled together, cold and miserable, and hid beneath a pile of branches and waited. The tense hour that would follow, brought a false sense of success to the eyes of the gods for no sign of the humans was to be seen. Seeing this, the gods celebrated their victory, taking their attention away from the treasure. As the rain let up, the three friends crawled from their makeshift shelter. They noticed the animals that were vicious minutes before, were now roaming the forest as if

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