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Independent Novel Assignment The wonderful adventure of Nils is a classic novel written by Selma Lagerlof. The plot revolves around a young and ordinary boy named Nils. To stall his boredom, he often got into mischief. On a Sunday morning after his parents left for church. Nils, instead of doing what his parents had ordered him to do, he decides to sleep. Then he was awakened by a sound coming from his mother’s chest fill with valuables which had been passed down from his grandmother. Nils quickly became alarmed for fear of a bugler, he sneaks behind a door and peeks through a looking –glass, to his surprise he sees an elf. At first he was scared, but as time passed he gathered up all his courage and catches the elf with a butterfly net. The elf pleaded for mercy and offers Nils a coin for his freedom, Nils agrees but just as he was about to let go of the net he changes his mind, he wanted more from the elf but everything was too late, the elf had already escaped and knocked Nils out. When Nils woke up again he had been alone in the cottage but the elf shrunk him to the size of a mouse. Now Nils must try to find the elf to return him back to his normal size. There are many characters in the novel even though they are mostly animals. The main protagonist is Nils a young lad who is accompanied by a white gander which acts as a supporting character. There is also Akka the leader of the wild geese who also guilds Nils through his journey. Finally we come to the antagonists, as the plot develops the number of antagonists increases but the most intriguing and the antagonist that jumps from chapter to chapter is Smirre Fox, he would plan plots against Nils, the white gander, and the flock of wild geese. There is also the father and mother who play an insignificant role as just Nils’ father and mother. The final character which is probably the most important but is

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