Adventure Into The Unkown Essay

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As the overstuffed suitcases get neatly stacked into the old Mercury Villager all that can be done is to sit and ponder. What will sand under ones toes feel like? What will the air smell like? What will the crashing waves of the ocean sound like? All these questions are thoroughly answered as a week long adventure is made into the unknown: the sunshine state, Florida; the enormous yet carefully designed, Big Red Boat; and the archipelago of islands, The Bahamas. On this journey outside the miniscule town of West Chester, Ohio all my senses are in full gear as they discover new tastes, scents, sounds, feelings, and sights. I am timid not knowing what this trip may entail, but I am excited knowing I will finally get to experience all the stories heard and pictures seen. Cruising down Interstate 75 the adventure is long and gruesome. On the drive through Kentucky, I look out the fogged window and see green grass, which seemed to roll throughout the hills as it slowly faded, relenting to the piercing bright blue of the summer’s sky. White fences that have been battered from the destruction of sun and rain line the fields, keeping the thousands of horses from leaving the premises. Speeding through Atlanta there sits the plethora of high rises, which took architectural genius and where the sky is the limit. The skyline is bright from the number of buildings with their colorful lights shining in the night sky. I get more and more coy as we near the sign reading, Welcome to Florida: The Sunshine State. Once the sign has passed my foot stops bouncing, my fingernails get a break, and there is a sigh of relief. I soon realize why Florida is called the sunshine state. The sky is bright baby blue with out a cloud in sight. Palm trees curve out of the ground with a coarse bark that rises to tower over your head. The leaves are a dark shade of green that explode

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