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“The Nepalese are famous for hiking, climbing, rafting and trekking, you see.”, said Saru Rai, a sherpa who trekked alongside me. “You are very active people!”, I said between heavy breaths and she smiled at me before continuing. When the sound of donkey bells rang in your ears you knew a whole herd of them was approaching. “You must watch out you know. If the donkeys come, and you in the middle, they push you out of the way.”, Nuri our guide dutifully informed us in all seriousness. The herd of donkeys explained the distinct smell of donkey manure, and the reoccurring sight of it on the path. You had to be careful because it was incredibly easy to accidentally sink your whole foot into it. “How tall is this mountain?”, I asked Saru. She exchanged glances with another sherpa and they giggled before saying, “ It’s not a mountain! It’s just a small foot hill!”. My legs thought differently. The natural waterfalls, often small, that you see on the way are beautiful. You can’t help but gasp when you lay eyes on them. Picture opportunities at every second. Walking through the villages, whether going right through them or maybe taking a bathroom break, is an experience in itself. All over children are yelling“ Namaste! Namaste!” They fold their hands in greeting and then put their hands out to us. “Chocolate?” they ask hopefully. Even if we’re unable to supply them with their sweets, they’re just as happy with having a picture taken of them. “ Can we see? Can we see?”, they repeatedly ask right after they hear the

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