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The International Youth Award is a program available for people from the ages between 14 and 25.The Award is tough, but it is an individual challenge, and not about reaching expectations set by someone else. We have to push ourselves further, set out own goals, and record our own progress. The only person participants compete against is themselves, by challenging their own abilities to see what they can achieve. The adventurous journey is about adventure and discovery; this is the actual adventure participants undertake. Participants develop an understanding of the environment, and the importance of working together in a team with a common purpose. I’ve done the Bronze, Silver and Gold level. It was a challenge that I undertook and though it was tiring, it was a really good experience. Due to these adventures, I developed skills such as white water rafting, proper biking, climbing and general important life skills; it made me versatile. For the Bronze, I completed an 80+ km trek, for the Silver, I completed a 100+km rafting trip and for the Gold, I was meant to do 150+km mountain biking but on the second day of the trip, I fell down and had to get stitches. I was not able to complete the Gold adventure (I only completed 70km). I learnt practical skills during the course of this adventurous journey. The practical skills I learnt was packing light, cooking, team-work, flexibility and etc. These are the skills we develop as we go through the journey and there are very important because these skills lead us to a successful trip. Also, in terms of obtaining the skill of actually being able to mountain bike and raft, it’s really cool to see the extent to which your body has the ability to execute these skills; it’s quite limitless and it demonstrates that it is really ‘mind over matter’, IYA Gold 2014 31/01/14 We completed a 49km bike ride, both up and downhill. I

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