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Haseeb Malik Malik 1 Mr. Wright LA 1, Pd. 5 9 October 2011 Adventure Dome My trip to Las Vegas was during New Years 2010. I was visiting the theme park Adventure Dome. I’ve always wanted to go to another state. A year and a half ago my family and I went to Las Vegas for New Years. We were staying at the hotel Circus Circus. It was a hot sunlit day, the sun beaming down at me, causing me to squint my eyes to be able to see. We arrived in our car, when I took a step outside, taking in a breath of fresh air and feeling the heat against my face, hotter than ever. I had heard about the quote “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” I would soon experience and understand this quote in my own way. When I arrived into the chaotic theme park, Adventure Dome, I observed a variety of rides. I walked into the park with excitement smothered on my face. There were so many rides I could choose from. I was tall enough to ride every kind of ride, which was a relief. I was pumped up for this extreme day laid out ahead of me. My first ride was the Sling Rush. The Sling Rush shot you up its tower with such a forceful acceleration and back down that it gave you a head rush. When I came off the ride I was dizzy and light headed and I knew that this was where the adventure would begin. Moving on in Adventure Dome, I got a map so I could see all the different rides. My first choice was Chaos. This ultra-thrill ride would whirl you in three ranges of motion with speed and intensity and an unpredictable experience every time. When I exited my heart was beating extremely fast. I decided to take a break and ordered nachos and fries and munched down as fast as I could like a cheetah catching its prey. After digesting my delicious snack, I took it down a notch and went to Laser Blast. All you had to do was zap your friends with friendly a

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