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ADVENTURE IN ABEOKUTA We began our journey to one of Nigeria’s greatest states, in Lagos state,at ten thirty in the morning. it was a bright and sunny day, on the eleventh of june. virtually the entire ss1 and jss3 students of the esteemed mayday college set out on what was aptly described by our teacher, mr Ayo Oguntuase as ‘an adventure’. the excursion to Ogun state was traveled by way of an expressway, a double laned road with a culvert at the centre. On the way we experienced lush vegetation on both sides made up of deciduous rainforest trees, our way was illuminated by the evergreen trees showing us their beauty. we traveled this expressway for about two hours and arrived in Ogun state around one fifteen pm. We were immediately astounded by what we saw. All around us were massive rocks upon which houses were built. these rocks are called igneous rocks and quite the scariest sight I have ever experienced. Far into the horizon, huge rocks dominated the area and houses were built very close together. The rocks were so large that one could see about a dozen trees sprouting from the rocks but the best was yet to come. After a light lunch inside the bus, we ventured into the palace of the king, oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo. On the way we saw oba lipede modern market and the pdp secretariaupon iour arrival, we were told that, unfortunately he was absent. Before we left, a few friends and I decided to relieve ourselves, we were told to take off our shoes because it is forbidden to wear footwear inside the palace. we entered the private mosque and did what we had to do before we left for the tourist site known as olumo rock. Upon our arrival at olumo rock, we were informed of an increased tariff and we left thinking would not be opportuned to climb it, little did we know that we would be back later on to experience the climb. from olumo rock we went on to

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