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Adventure, creative creatures and magic made Alice in Wonderland live in century. Alice in Wonderland is a movie that lets you explore your imaginative world and experience that friends are all the same. It doesn’t matter how they face look like, how tall or short they are and how they’re so different to you. It’s so more important what’s inside and quality of friendship than deceiving faces and wealth. People of all ages couldn’t get enough with adventurous movies, so Alice in Wonderland gave a wonderful and adventurous story. It all started when Alice fell in the hole. She went into this room, where she was surrounded by doors with different sizes. After she found the right door, she got into this weird looking forest, whereas extra-ordinary creatures live. Next to the forest was the Hatter’s tea place, in this place, Alice met the Hatter, Heir, and the Dormouse drinking their teas. After the Hatter’s tea place, Alice proceed on her way to the elegant and incredible architecture of the Castle of the Queen’s Heart. Alice in Wonderland is the only movie that can make this kind adventure, and this is why people love Alice in Wonderland. Amusement is one of the key why Alice in Wonderland survives for years. They created unforgettable creatures that entertain and also made the story really interesting. The Mad Hatter, a cheerful creature that holds tea and cake party once in a while. The Heir, a goofy rabbi that always thinks everything is funny. The twins, they entertain us with their clumsiness. The Cheshire cat, a majestic cat that can make himself disappears and ignores the law of gravitation. Last but not the least; the Queen of Heart and her heart soldiers that make the story ferocious and exciting. People who are fan of fiction movies love magic and Alice in Wonderland has pretty unusual and unexpected magic

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