Advent of Modern Learning from Ancient Roots Essay

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Learning from Socrates and Ramanujan: Case-Teaching method in Management Dr Meghna Sharma , Pulkit Sharma Abstract: Case-Method of teaching is one of the key pedagogical tools to create an experiential learning environment in class-room. Through this paper the author tries to trace the ramifications for creating a platform for effective learning through the use of questioning techniques to facilitate development of critical thinking skills. This is done by tracing the importance of method adopted by Greek philosopher –Socrates and the essay of Indian Scholar- Ramanujan .Experiences from the author’s draws inferences from real time classroom experiences to bring out the analogies. .The perspective developed by the author signifies the importance of reflecting the ‘learning’s from past’ to create benchmarks for management education in the current context. Introduction: Ramanujan debate is raging simultaneously on all media -Newspaper, social-networking sites, blogs, I get this wonderful opportunity to write a perspective paper on Case-Method 0f study . This paper correlate creates a ‘Socrates’ to ‘Ramanujan’. Seems unthinkable, but is really possible! The question arises what has Socrates style got to do with Ramanujan. Being an academician who has the unique opportunity and privilege of having a cusp of formal education in both History and Management, I constantly seek avenues to correlate the past with the present trends. And what better opportunity than this Seminar Workshop on Case Research ,Writing and Teaching where the issues will be deliberated contributing to the existing plethora of information. So what is the context in which one scholar from Greek History is related to a figure in Modern Indian literature? The context is the ‘power of critical thinking skills’ which both these luminaries of their era are able to generate till date and add value to

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