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The hope and joy for Christmas in the world today to me is very different from what it was when I was a child. When I was growing up, Christmas was a very religious day for my family as it should be everywhere. Christmas was known to me as the day that Jesus was born and supposively the day the real world started. Being older and mature now, I see a different view in the eyes of the kids that are brought up today. They see Christmas as the day where “Santa comes” and gives out presents to all. That is what I see as the main focus of the kids today. I’m not even sure if the children know why Christmas is so special. It is not special because we receive gifts from our family and friends; that is just a sign for our love and thanks to each other. Christmas day is special and was started as a tradition to many because it is the day Jesus Christ was conceived by the Virgin Mary. I think that this message of the true importance of Christmas needs to be spread more to the children who are being brought up now in this time. This reading stresses the importance of the birth of Jesus Christ and why his birth means so much to all of this. His birth took everyone from their darkest days to their brightest. He was born as a true savior to the people, to take them away from the gloom and darkness that was brought upon them and Jesus was able to show everyone the light. This reading means to me the true reason why my life is the way it is. I have been virtually escorted by God himself to a great life and have called upon him in my darkest times. God is available to heal and to guide you toward the light in the Kingdom of Heaven. His birth isn’t just the most important day on the calendar, it is the day that the world changed, and the savior came to lead us out of the dark tunnel and into the bright light of life. This reading means a lot more to me this year than it has in the

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