Advatages And Disadvantages Of Shopping Online Essay

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Advantages of shopping online: Get your purchased items delivered to your door step, all from the comfort of your home using your home computer. 2. Your shopping experience is not limited to only your neighborhood store or shopping plaza. With internet you can compare prices and shop around from all over the world. 3. Not only can you get the best price when shopping on the internet, you also get a better variety of goods to choose from. A store may carry a limited amount of merchandise but there is no limit of choices when it comes to shopping on the internet. 4. You save not only money but also time. No driving around to stores and paying for gas and parking. Disadvantages of shopping online: Would not be fair to your local are stores if I did not mention some of the disadvantages of shopping online. 1. Where as on the internet you can see pictures or at the most videos of a product. While shopping in person you get to see the product personally and examine it carefully. 2. Some people like going out shopping. They don't seem to mind the time spent shopping around malls and stores. Perhaps they consider it a chance to get out from the house. Of course then there are those who would go out shopping, decide on a product and then log on to the internet at home to get the best price. Probably the best of both worlds in such a scenario.

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