Advantages of Technology

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Advantages of Technology Enhancements are made in technology to make our lives comfortable and timesaving. People do not have to use technology and still finish the project. However, with the help of modern technology one can finish the same project efficiently and in less time. Technology has really improved our day-to-day life. Although it can be abused in many ways, if technology is used properly then it helps in serving justice and aid health and communication. First of all, technology plays an important role in criminal justice department. Technology helps to improve public safety in several ways. For example, enhanced criminal records keep high-risk individuals from obtaining weapons. Closed-circuit television allows young victims or witnesses of crime to testify in a less-pressuring setting. Bulletproof vests and less-lethal weapons reduce risk to police. DNA technology aids justice by solving crimes and providing evidence that were not available before. Overall, technology has helped many innocent victims by serving justice. Also, advancements in technology has helped police department track or capture criminals in a more efficient and safe manner and crime rates have decreased because go surveillance cameras and other advanced equipment. Secondly, with the help of technology humans are able to live a healthy and a longer life. Humans’ physical health has increased over time and as a result people live longer. For example, pacemaker has made a huge difference in the medical field. Now, with the help of that device people can live a healthier life. Also, artificial hands and legs helped people live a normal life, regardless of their problems. Those limbs contain touch sensor, which helps them perform tasks easily. It all started when Penicillin, a wonder drug, was discovered in 1928. It is one of the oldest and widely used antibiotics. With the help of

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