Advantages of Technology Essay

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RESEARCH ARTICLE Development of Technology: Changing Our World for Good, Better or Worse? Subject: Organizational Change and Development Submitted to: Sir Mujahid Ali Prepared by: M.Zardar Waseem (9896) Dated: 10th december, 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Pg. 3 Endogenous Technological Change Pg. 5 Accelerating Change Pg. 5 The New, Faster Face of Innovation Pg. 7 Neil Postman: Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change Pg. 8 Technology changes how art is created and perceived Pg. 8 A decade of convergence and divergence in communication technology Pg. 10 Role of Information Technology in Growth of Business Pg. 10 Conclusion Pg. 12 Bibliography Pg. 13 Introduction Technology is the application of organized and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.(Stolovitch’s) Perhaps the creation of the “learning technologies” field has done us a disservice in spawning a separate discipline from learning (or education or training). As tool builders and tool users for millennia, we cannot escape our technologies, nor should we give them over to a small priesthood of experts.(Jarche, October 27th, 2006) So when did technology begin? According to many researches it has been identified that Output per hour worked in the United States today is ten times as valuable as output per hour worked 100 years ago. (Maddison, 1982). As stated by Abromowitz in 1956 that Since the 1950s, economists have attributed much of the change in output per hour worked either directly or indirectly to technological change (Abromowitz, 1956, Kendrick, 1956, Solow, 1957.) From a naïve point of view this seems right, Paul Roomer,1998 said that The raw materials that we use have not changed, but as a result of trial and error, experimentation, refinement, and scientific investigation,
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