Advantages of Study Abroad Essay

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Study abroad has become hotter and hotter in China and many other countries. The discussion of its benefits and drawbacks is also highly noticed. Many individuals think it is always good for students to study abroad; however, some others hold a totally opponent idea in this case. It is always good for a student to studying in different places and different cultures. Study abroad could give students a lot of invaluable experiences. Students will also broad their social, cultural and especially academic knowledge. Meanwhile, they can also further improve their abilities and life skills. Their thoughts will be more creative and comprehensive; and they can be more mature after a series of experiences. In this essay, the benefits of study abroad will be shown and detail will be listed after major points; it will show how study abroad benefits a student and how much study abroad benefits a student. Study abroad can give an individual a lot of great and invaluable experiences. These experiences will benefit and influence his life deeply. Study abroad can open one’s mind. He can see much more different things when he lives abroad than when he lives in his own country. There are linguistic differences, technical differences and even cultural differences. Just like what Ms. Bohrer said in one of her article, “When [student] study[s] abroad, [student] participate[s] in the day-to-day life of a new locale, gaining a first-hand understanding and new appreciation of the culture” (Bohrer, “10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in College – Benefits & Challenges”). Students can not only experience the national culture of the country they study in, they can also experience various cultures all around the world when they were abroad, because there will be many other international students who also comes from different countries and nations. Students can have a lot of fun

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