Advantages Of Mandatory Sentencing

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C THREE STRIKES AND YOU ARE OUT In recent years several mandatory sentencing laws have been enacted by different states in the US. Mandatory sentence is defined “as a criminal sentence set by a legislature that establishes the minimum length of prison time for specified crimes and thus limits the amount of discretion a judge has when sentencing a defendant. Mandatory sentencing is a regime that provides a fixed sentence to a conviction of a particular crime while taking the judge’s discretion out of the equation. These sentencing laws have been made keeping in mind certain class of criminals who are incorrigible of changing also called repeat/habitual offenders. The most common mandatory sentencing law is the Three Strikes Law. Three Strikes Law The terminology has been derived from the game of baseball in which a batter can strike two times and is strike out on the third attempt. In simple terms in case of a person having suffered two convictions against serious/violent offences committing a third offence, upon conviction would be liable suffer life imprisonment. This law has been adopted by 26 in US but with varied provisions. (Walker 2006) Towards the end of the 19th Century New York State passed a…show more content…
He was sentenced for 25 years. After serving 16 Years in prisons he was released on Parole. During this period he kidnapped a 12 year old school girl. Later on she was found to be raped and murdered. There was huge public outcry. Thereafter, in March 1994 California Legislature passed the act providing for three strike punishment. A provision was added in the California Criminal Code as per the same in the case of a person having suffered two convictions against serious/violent offences even commits a minor offence shall be punished with life imprisonment without parole. No discretion was left with

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