Advantages of Lottery Essay

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Winning the Lottery Winning the lottery is something many people dream about, but only few get to enjoy the adventurous life, the relief, and the happiness of winning something that is so desired. It can cause a great change in a person’s life. When a person goes from having no money or being middle class to having millions of dollars, it’s going to cause a great impact in his or her life. If the person is smart about it, winning the lottery can open up many doors in his or her life. Of course when one discovers that he or she has won the lottery and suddenly has millions of dollars, that person will probably jump in joy. Suddenly he or she has all the money in the world to purchase almost anything. He or she has enough money to make large donations to different organizations or even donate money to help find a cure for sicknesses such as cancer. Believe it or not, it basically makes a person unstoppable and as long as the person has the money he or she can have anything they want. Being able to have money to purchase anything also means that you have the money to not have any financial worries. It relieves a person who has or had financial worries a lot. Suddenly all of that person’s financial problems are gone and he or she is rich. All of those bills that person has to pay can be paid with no hesitation. It uplifts a person who is in deep struggles with work and his or her income. A person can be all the way at the bottom with no place to live and suddenly live in a mansion thanks to the lottery. Another thing all of this sudden money gives a person is options. After winning the lottery he or she has the option to do whatever that person wants. He or she can either continue life as they normally would and work, or he or she can quit the working life and live off the lottery money. While that wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do it’s still an option. The

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