Advantages of Inclusive Education Essay

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English Comp 27 October, 2013 Inclusion- Benefits Everyone Travis is a third grade student in New Hampshire; he has Down Syndrome and has been involved in an inclusive school for his entire school career. He was nominated to be on the school’s student council and took the opportunity. According to his mother, it is easier to get him up and moving in the mornings when he gets to go to school early and interact with the other students on student council. Since Travis was welcomed into the school and the community, it has been much simpler for him and many of the other students to form bonds (“Inclusion Success Stories”). Including children that have disabilities in class benefits all the students involved. Students that haven’t had trouble with learning do still benefit from having students with disabilities in the classroom with them. Students that lead somewhat normal lives and do not struggle with learning like some children do, learn just as much from this experience as the children that are being included. “They can also learn how helping others achieve academic success and learn difficult information; a skill that can only improve their own academic performance and their ability to succeed later in life” (Stonecypher, Perles). They learn from a young age that some people, or students, are different. Having students in schools now that never have had to deal with peers with disabilities before, this still makes an impact on their life. Having an array of differences and unique characteristics in classes throughout the school career, prepares students for life after school. Since not everyone is always going to learn the same or think in the same way, students will have more patience and respect as they get older. This may lead them to develop friendships that may not have happened if children with disabilities were not involved in regular classes. “The best

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