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Advantages of Early Marriage Essay

  • Submitted by: aaabdullah
  • on January 31, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 417 words

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An Essay about the Advantages of Early Marriage
Written By Abdullah Adam Abdullah
Sana’a – Yemen.
Email: aaabdullah@gmail.com
Date 31.1.2013 for Composition (I) Exam. Future University. Number of words: 405.
Recently there have been a lot of debates about early marriage due to young people getting married early. By early, we mean from age 15 to 19. Its advantages and disadvantages have been the main subjects of discussion in those debates. In this essay, I will be discussing four advantages which early marriage has. The first advantage of early marriage is that it helps young people to not deviate from the right path and fall into what is prohibited or what is taboo. As girls and boys reach puberty period, they develop feelings and sexual instincts for each other and if they are not married they might fall for their lusts, thus, losing their life and potentially their hereafter life. As Muslims ,Allah has clearly ordered us to stay away from what is prohibited, the biggest being fornication and thus, Our beloved prophet (PBUH) has urged us to marry as early as possible and for that reason; we should do our utmost to help our children tie the knot in an early age.   The second advantage of early marriage is that it teaches young people to be responsible. They learn what it means to have and manage a family as well as raising children. In addition to that, they acknowledge and realize what their parents had to go through in order to give them a better life and prepare them for better futures. The third advantage of early marriage is that it gives young people much needed emotional support. People like to have someone to share with their troubles, feelings and life’s general problems that face them. Furthermore, studies done by psychologists have found that people normally feel secure and share everything with a partner than say for example a friend or a colleague. The fourth advantage of early marriage is that it gives those who want to have a large family the...

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