Advantages of Critical Chain Project

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What are the advantages of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) Shana Lambert Florida Technical College FTC-PM220-1ONL - Project Management Tools January 10, 2015 “Advantages of Critical Chain Project Management” Before we can even go into the advantages of critical chain project management, we will need to go over exactly what critical chain project management (CCPM) means. CCPM uses a method set of rules or ideas that are important in science or art. They have a particular procedure or set of procedures (Merriam-Webster, 2015). The purpose of this is to plan, execute, and manage projects. This would be in a single or multi-project environment (Goldratt, 2007). The CCPM method was started back in 1997 by Dr. Eli Goldratt. This would be from a book that he produced by the name of “Critical Chain.” The reason this book was introduced was due to the poor performances, deadlines not being met, which in the end cost the company money (Goldratt, 2007). We are all are very well aware of Obama care. Going back to President Obama’s first run for the presidency, he used his Mom sickness as the means to better the cost of medical so others would not go without. I have looked up different prices of Obama care and they are harsh. Reading over the different rules and regulations of the Obama care in 2015, it states that the less you make, then the less you’re going to pay (Obama care Facts, no date). I did a calculation and just for my husband and me, these are the results I had provided to me. Your results shown are for a Silver plan Your income is 127% of the Federal Poverty Level 2.82% of your income is the max amount you have to pay towards your health insurance as defined by the ACA Your Monthly Cost Eligible Subsidy $557 Your Eligible Subsidy $510 Your Adjusted Monthly Cost $47 With these
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