Advantages Of Attending a Community College

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ADVANTAGES OF ATTENDING A COMMUNITY COLLEGE Though we hear a lot of buzz in the hallways this time of year about who got into what colleges, not many get excited about choosing to go to a two year community college. This is unfortunate since Oregon has a remarkable system of community colleges located throughout the state. Not only do these schools offer an array of professional technical programs in areas like: Arts & Communications (Graphics, Photography), Business & Management (Computer Application, Hotel Management & Tourism), Health Services (Emergency , Fitness Technology), Human Resources (Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education), Industrial & Engineering Systems (Auto Body Repair, Construction Technology) and Natural Resources (Environmental management, Veterinary Technology) but also some of them offer transfer programs in which the student can study core courses for two years and then transfer to a four year school. A community college is often a good choice for students who have realized too late that they want to pursue a college education but do not have the academic preparation, because they either did not take the appropriate high school course work or were academically unsuccessful. Another group of students who benefit from choosing the two-year path is those who want to pursue a vocational or technical education. Practically all careers that will provide meaningful work both financially and psychologically require more education than a high school diploma. If a studentâs financial situation requires working while going to school, a community college will offer more flexibility when scheduling courses. Students who truly are unsure about attending college can benefit by experimenting with higher education at the community college level. Still other students plan eventual transfer to a four-year college but may not be financially,

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