Advantages Of Associate Degree Nurses

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Associate Degree Nurses vs Bachelor Degree Nurses
Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V-0501
April 19, 2015

The digressions in the competency of nurses with an associate-degree in nursing and a bachelor-degree in nursing might be puzzling due to the various educational pathways available to become a nurse. Understanding the history of the varied programs available aid in a better understanding of factors that influence nursing education. Nursing programs at all levels offer multiple programs that will offer a student one or more nursing credentials (Creasia, J.L. & Friberg, E., 2011).
Nurse leaders have always argued the importance of higher education for nurses. Shortages in nurses evolved and the need to remedy this shortage of nurses
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Research suggest an advanced level of education can improve patient safety and quality of care (AACN Fact Sheet, 2013). The AACN and other nursing associations understand that an advanced degree in nursing has a tremendous influence on a nurse competency, and patients warrant outstanding nursing care. An increase in research supports this finding and reveals a similarity between BSN education and lower patient death rates. A study published in the October 2014 issue of Medical Care, researcher Olga Yakusheva from the University of Michigan and her colleagues found that an increase of BSN- degree nurses working in hospitals was linked to a decrease in patient mortality (AACN Fact Sheet: Creating a more highly qualified nursing workforce,2014). Other researchers have also found that having larger numbers of nursing staff with BSN degreed RN’s resulted in a significant lower readmission rate and decrease in hospital stays. The outcome of the research spell out the money saved that would make up for the expenses of expanding the amount of nurses with BSN-degreed nurses in the…show more content…
The associate degree nurse may assess the patient for injury post seizure and proceed to administer the PRN seizure medication as ordered while the BSN nurse may assess the patient further, review BM records, contact the neurologist to obtain an order to check anticonvulsant blood drug levels, and rule out any other factors that may cause seizure activity in a patient that has a history of seizure activity but has been seizure free for years. In direct patient care situations, BSN-degree nurses often refer to evidenced based practice in forming decisions, where as an ADN-degree nurse will refer to the critical thinking skills and leave out evidence based practice. The bachelors-degree nurse and the associtaes-degree nurse are expected to initiate care and perform their tasks as leaders in advocating nursing as a profession (Poster,

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