Advantages of a Small School Essay

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I have attended The Carolina Academy since I was 3 years old. I am probably a bit biased because I have nothing with which to compare my experience, but I consider myself very fortunate to have attended a small school, growing up and graduating with most of the same people that I started with. There are pros and cons to everything. Nothing is going to be perfect, but because I am an optimistic person, I would like to discuss the more positive aspects of attending The Carolina Academy. Our class sizes were very small. In fact, the whole school is small which creates a more intimate setting. Everyone knows everyone and we developed close relationships with each other. There was no opportunity to be anonymous, so students are accountable for decisions and actions made. The size of our school allowed opportunities to participate in almost every sport, extracurricular activity, or club. We have God in our classrooms, our gym, our tennis courts, our football fields, and most of all in our hearts. I have often wondered if I would regret attending such a small school because I know there are negative aspects to any experience. The obvious cons to attending a small school are that the class selection may have been more limited and there were not as many choices for clubs, sports, or extra curricular activities. I may have been sheltered and when I leave the halls of my high school, I will realize that I am naïve and conservative but that is okay. I do not remember the first day that I attending The Carolina Academy. I was three and I am sure the beginning of my education was laced with scrapbook pictures and a few tears. I have filled my scrapbook with great memories made with my Carolina Academy family. The Carolina academy has positively affected my life and allowed me to thrive. In May, 11 seniors will graduate. We will end our high school career the way
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