Advantages/Disadvantages of Counselling Research Essay

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Describe the difference between quantitative and qualitative research. Quantitative research deals with numbers, it is what can be measured which can be used for statistics. It uses measurable data to find facts and uncover possible patterns in research. It is much more structured than qualitative research and is objective. Qualitative research is more descriptive, more exploratory. It helps to give insights into problems or help develop ideas. It uses more unstructured techniques. It uses words or pictures rather than numbers and is subjective. It aims to give a detailed description of a research topic. I feel that Quantitative is more like how a mans mind works and looks at things and qualitative is more how a womans mind works and looks at things. In counselling I would think the best use for research would be to use both types to compliment each other. Discuss some of the problems and benefits of counselling research. Problems of counselling research can be that it is sometimes time consuming when strapped for time which can also then be frustrating, especially if there is lots of different or contradictory information and so many different theories as this can end up being more confusing and it's not always easy to know what information is best to trust or follow, can sometimes be costly. Benefits of counselling research can be beneficial because it's a way to gather information, it can help to improve practice, gain a better knowledge, learn about different methods and what ones you prefer, gives information on other agencies so have better ability to refer a client on if needed, helps to keep practice up to date with new techniques like mindfulness for example, can help in making choices, to prove it is working. Explain something of why such research is useful. Such research is useful because it equips a counsellor with information
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